R&D Associates


The problem:

In 2015 R&D Associates, an existing client, came to us with a new challenge.  At that point, the client had been utilizing QuickBooks™, but without an understanding of accounting, wasn't able to track the expenses as they related to specific projects. 


How we helped:

After a thorough cleaning of the client's QuickBooks file, Moore Beauston Woodham set up accounts so that each project could be tracked separately.  Then, we continued to meet with the client on a regular basis to discuss their regular progress and go over their detailed, project-specific, weekly cost reports.

Now, no matter how complicated or challenging, the client's projects can be tracked easily. And because of that, the client has been able to set realistic profit goals.  The client has been so happy, in fact, that they've referred Moore Beauston Woodham to their family and friends.

Allay Facilities


The probleM:

Allay, a real estate partnership that owns the office building for a large medical facility, was interested in constructing a new building for their own operations. Typically, a building like this would depreciate over a long period of time and would constitute a substantial percentage of a company's assets. 

How We HelpeD:

At Moore Beauston Woodham, we have the expertise to perform detailed reviews of the construction process and all of the elements based on IRS regulations.  With that, along with proper measuring tools and attention to detail, we were able to segregate Allay's assets into shorter lives; thereby helping them to maximize depreciation deductions to not only reduce current taxes, but also accelerate cash flow.

Jackson's Paint & Body


The problem:

When Jackson inherited his father-in-law’s Paint and Body Shop rather abruptly, he had no idea how to handle the accounting side of the business.   By the time he realized he needed help, his records were a mess. 


How we helped:

Working with a newly hired in-house accountant, Moore Beauston Woodham helped clean up the records, amend the previous year’s tax returns and ensure proper monthly/quarterly financial reporting moving forward.  In addition, we provided some consulting as it related to bonus structures, cash management and tax saving strategies.  

By streamlining many accounting functions, the owner not only gets timely and accurate financial records, but he is also able to see how each of his three locations is doing financially.  All of these services have helped with his decision-making process, not to mention saved him time and money.